Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of sale from Brambleberry Jams

The ‘seller’ is Brambleberry Jams, the ‘buyer’ is any customer who chooses to purchase from Brambleberry Jams using this internet site.

Many items advertised on the sellers (Brambleberry Jams) website are seasonally available made from seasonal and/or homegrown produce, therefore at certain times of the year some flavours will be unavailable and the seller will inform the buyer of availability when an item is ordered, to confirm availability prior to confirming an ordering please contact the seller.


If no payment is recieved then no items will be shipped.

You will receive email confirmation when your order and payment have been received.


If items are to be purchased by ‘Click and Collect’ method it is the buyers responsibility to contact the seller to arrange a suitable time and location for collection from Brambleberry Jams.

If items are to be shipped it is the buyers responsibility to choose the most appropriate postage rate (such as whether it’s for UK, Europe or International rate) the seller will not be responsible for any additional postage fees should the incorrect rate be chosen by the buyer.

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure a parcel being shipped can be sucessfully delivered to the delivery address provided.

It is the sellers responsibility to advertise up to date costs for postage by Royal Mail, should Royal Mail change their costs the seller will cover the extra costs if it has not been updated on the Brambleberry Jams website.


If any order that has been shipped is damaged on arrival the buyer shall contadamage seller (Brambleberry Jams) immediately and send photographic evidence of the damage and the seller (Brambleberry Jams) will replace the order as soon as reasonably possible or refund the buyer in full.

If the items shipped reflect the items description and the buyer is unsatisfied the seller (Brambleberry Jams) is not responsible for a refund.

The seller (Brambleberry Jams) retains the right to recall any batches of Jam or Sauce that needs to be recalled for any Health and Safety reason and it would be returned at Brambleberry Jams expense.


All food products are purchased by the buyer on the understanding that the seller (Brambleberry Jams) cooks homemade food in a home environment in a family kitchen. The kitchen is licensed by Lisburn Borough Council Environmental Health Department to produce jams, sauces and home baked goods on a small scale.

Any health and safety concerns once the buyer has recieved the item(s) should be addressed with Brambleberry Jams in writing (email or messaging).

If any harm is incurred from the incorrect storage of food products the seller shares no responsibility. All food jars will be labelled with the appropriate storage instructions and it is the buyers responsibility to retain this label and store food appropriately.

The seller will endeavour to ensure all food products sold reflect the description on this website, however the seller retains the right to exchange any particular ingredient where the previously used ingredient is no longer available.