St. Patrick’s Day gift to MP’s from Lisburn City Council

Raspberry and Plum JamDelighted to tell you that my homemade jam was choosen by Lisburn City Council to be added to a gift bag from our local MP to the MP’s attending at St Patrick’s Day function in the Houses of Parliament, 17th March 2015. My Rapsberry and Plum jam was carefully homemade with Victoria plums I had frozen from the 2014 harvest in my garden, I had enough saved up to make up half the jam.  So it was as homegrown as possible for the time of year. Then I handmade all the labels from brown envelopes and decorated the jars with raffia bows and gingham hats made from old school summer dresses before posting all 100 jars over to the House of Commons.

Houses of Parliment Jam


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