Recipe for homemade Elderflower Cordial

Picking my homegrown elderflowers for making cordial

Picking my homegrown elderflowers for making cordial

My own recipe for making homemade Elderflower cordial is best made with homegrown elderflowers so that you know they are totally clean of pollution. It is also best made by picking the flowers on a warm sunny morning in mid-June. Some years these exact conditions do not all come together, which makes the resulting cordial even more special because it is so rare to get the perfect conditions.
However, the weather this year June 2015 has even perfect for Elderflowers and I have been able to make several batches.

Around 20 large fresh Elderflower Heads
2 pints (around 1 litre) boiling water
600g white granulated sugar
1 lemon cut into slices

Day 1
Pick flowers heads and shake them to remove bugs
as soon as possible while the flowers are still fresh have the water boiled and pour the water over the sugar and stir to dissolve
Pour this sugar water over the flower heads
Add a washed and sliced lemon, stir gently
Cover this mixture and leave out of the way at room temperature

Day 2 or 3
Having left the mixture covered for 24 or up to 48 hours then strain into a large saucepan with a fine cloth like muslin and a sieve
Washout and sterilise the glass jars/bottles you are planning to use
Slowly bring this strained liquid up to the boil and boil very gently for around 5 minutes
Then pour carefully into the prepared sterilised glass bottles or jars and seal immediately with a suitable metal lid.

If you do not have suitable jars and lids this cordial can be kept in a jug in the fridge for around a week, but will last at least 3 months in glass bottles with new metal lids in a cool dark cupboard.

How to enjoy homemade cordial
If drinking this with children it is delightful with water or lemonade and ice, or with adults it makes an extra special mixer to a summer cocktail. I can highly recommend homemade Elderflower Cordial with Pimms, Lemonade, and fresh herbs Mint and Lemon Balm over ice on a sunny evening.

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