Raspberry and Plum Jam used by James McIntosh

I was delighted when my homemade Raspberry and Plum jam was used by James McIntosh http ://www.jamesmcintosh.co.uk at an AGA demonstration in Belfast this week in one of his dessert recipes. He is Britain’s Food Ambassador, Global Ambassador for AGA, winner of the Gourmand Worlds Best Cookbook Award 2008, China Food TV presenter and owner of Honest Food http://www.jamesmcintosh.co.uk/honest-food.html with a blog and he said about my Raspberry and Plum Jam “it’s got a lovely set” I was delighted! He was demonstrating AGA cooking at the Belfast AGA shop with the 4 oven AGA cooked a huge lunch for 20 of us all at once, and all the ovens were not even full.

So it was just the prefect time to use my homemade AGA-made jam with the roulade for dessert and I have a good video of James using my jam on my YouTube channel Brambleberry Jams.

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