Pancakes – not only for Shrove Tuesday



Homemade pancakes do not need to be kept for Shrove Tuesday, they are a top favourite in our house as a Sunday evening tea at anytime of the year. My favourite recipe for basic pancakes will make enough for 4 people:

8oz Self Raising Flour (plain flour will do, they just will be flatter)
2 teaspoons Baking Powder
2oz Caster Sugar (granulated will do)
2 eggs
1/2 pint milk

I whisk this mixture really hard for a few minutes and then leave for another few minutes for the raising agent to start working. Meanwhile I put butter on the Aga low ring, or use your largest flattest frying pan.

With a large spoon I then spoon the mixture unto the buttered Aga ring or frying pan, choose if you want large or small pancakes at this stage. If you want to include crispy bacon into the pancake you place a piece of cooked bacon into the pancake at this point.

Cook on the first side until it bubbles up and then turn and cook for another few moments in the second side.

To accompany them it might be traditional to squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle white sugar, however I my house we drizzle them with my Sea Salted Caramel sauce!

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