300g caster sugar
150g egg whites (about 6 eggs depending on the size of egg)


Stand mixer or hand mixer and large bowl
3 trays lined with baking paper
Piping bag or medium sized spoon


  • First weigh out the caster sugar into a heat proof bowl and warm it in the oven at about 150c (while you are mixing the egg whites)
  • Then separate the eggs and whip up the egg whites, start on low power and build up the speed gradually. When they are white and fluffy start adding in the warm sugar gradually with a spoon (reduce the oven temperature to 80c and leave the door open to cool down if you are using a single oven)
  • When all the sugar has been added keep whipping, possibly for another 7 minutes (that’s why I would rather use a stand mixer for meringues)
  • To know if it’s ready taste the mixture and if you can feel grains of sugar then keep mixing for another few minutes until it’s smooth
  • When it’s ready to spoon out of the bowl unto the trays decide what size you want the final meringues to be (they will rise slightly in the oven) and if you want smooth finish (use a piping bag like in the photo below) or a very home-made rough finish then just spoon out in small blobs unto the trays
  • Place into oven at 80c and leave to cook/dry out of about 2 – 4 hours. Do check them and if there is sugar syrup leaking out of them then you have the temperature too high, if the oven is looking very wet leave the door open for a while to dry out
  • When they are ready leave to cool in a warm dry place and then store in an air tight box until needed, while fabulous fresh they can also easily be made a week in advance of a party.

They can be served in the traditional way in twos with whipped double cream or served dry in a bowl to dip into a sauce like my Sea Salted Carmel sauce or used to decorate a cake. (as below)


Meringues | Brambleberry Jams

Meringues spooned onto trays | Brambleberry Jams

Meringues on cake | Brambleberry Jams

Meringues used on cake | Brambleberry Jams

Meringues | Brambleberry Jams

Meringues with Sea Salted Carmel Sauce | Brambleberry Jams

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