While I make loads of jam every day for my wonderful customers, I haven’t started baking cookies yet! The cookies we’re taking about here are small files that this website saves onto your computer.

Most websites do this, and it is important that I tell you just what these little computer files do. For Brambleberry Jams they only do two things.

  1. The first (and most important) thing they do is allow you to buy jams and sauces online! These tiny files are saved for a while on your computer and tell my website just what yummy treats you’ve placed in your shopping basket. After a while your computer deletes them, or if you checkout, they’re deleted automatically.
  2. The second thing they do is allow me to see how many people have come to my website. It means I can see anonymous information like what pages are most popular and which country you’re from. This is really important and helps me make the website better, giving jam-lovers the best experience. Rest assured though, this doesn’t allow me find out anything about you personally. If you’d like to get to know me better though just drop me a line!

Rather than make you click a button to agree, we can just assume that you’re OK with this.  If you have any concerns though just get in touch.

Now that you’ve read about our cookies, you can go back to enjoying our jams!