BrambleRamble – How’s your Christmas Shopping Going?

How’s the Christmas shopping going in your house? We are just warming up to the idea that it really is going to be Christmas right around the corner. I’ve been so busy making my Jams, Chutneys and caramel sauce to go into Hampers for people’s Christmas gifts that I’ve not even made a list yet. I’m sure it will be the usual last minute panic in this house and I will end up buying all my gifts in the lovely Artisan shops that I’m in to do deliveries to anyway, like the Yellow Door on Bow Street and the Lisburn Vistors Centre in Lisburn Square. Before I was doing Brambleberryjams my Christmas shopping was a bit more organised when I worked in Belfast City Centre, but now… I’m the one trying really hard to believe in Santa! I had a nightmare this week that we woke up on Christmas morning and Santa hadn’t been to our house… I’d fallen asleep early! I need to make sure that doesn’t happen and I get some shopping done.

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  1. Good luck Alice! It would be nice to put in some links to the divine-sounding shops you mention?

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