Alice’s own Apple Brandy Chutney recipe

Recipe – Brambleberry Jams

Every Autumn I make Chutney with the Apples from my garden. The trees were planted 7 years ago into my new build back garden. The planting holes were dug and prepared with plenty of compost, and each year I prune them carefully and feed them with wood ash and bone meal and they give me lots of great apples in return. Going back 5 years I started making this particular Chutney for sale at Craft fairs. Then the following year my jars started going into gift hampers from Claire’s Hampers, but this year in 2017 Claire is not doing her annual Christmas hampers because she is having a baby. Hopefully she will back to hamper making again next year. It’s one of my very favourite recipes to make, just not starting too early in the morning with the smell of best Hennessy Cognac as the soft sticky black prunes soak into the Brandy. The whole recipe takes around 4-6 hours to cook from scratch to pouring into the jars. I was very pleased to be able to share this recipe with others via the new recipe book published by Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.

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